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Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Finished Stuff, Old Stuff, New Stuff

Wendy says she likes pictures in the blogs she reads, well boy-howdy, I have pictures galore today!

Where have I been the last week or so? Finishing old projects, starting new projects and most heart-wrenching of all, sending puppies off to their forever homes. Bonnie and Domino left on Sunday, Mia will be leaving soon and Babe gets to stay right here.

Finished Stuff

First we have a finished Oakley shawl/scarf out of Berroco Suede:

Interesting note on Oakley... the Berroco pattern book calls for 5 balls of Suede. Their is an errata on their web site saying it takes six, and I know several others out in blog-land have either run short or felt the fringe was skimpy with only 5 balls. I made the shawl to the exact dimensions of the pattern. My gauge was perfect. And I had an entire ball of Suede left over from the 6 I purchased. I wrote and asked the nice people at Berroco, they said the reason is that some colors seem to have less yardage than others because of the way the yarn takes the dye!

Next in the Finished Department we have a Confetti Cowl...

I'm still loving Lion Boucle and Fun Fur for quick easy and CUTE small projects!

More detail on these two items can be found in the WhiteStar Knits Gallery.

Old Stuff

What else has been taking up LOTS of time? My SCA Specialty art show entry. Making mega-progress which is a Good Thing as it MUST be completed by Septemebr 17... and I will be gone EVERY weekend between now and then.

New Stuff

Now you know it would not be me blogging if I didn't have another new project started, right? I couldn't resist any longer so this past week I cast on some Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora for Rosy. One sleeve down, the other started, this stuff knits up fast and is soft beyond belief.

I've heard some talk that the Cotton Angora sheds. Don't ask me. With all these big white fuzzy dogs around do you really think I'd notice a few stray angora hairs???

And of course we have had stash enhancement...

On top, three different colors of Berroco Suede. I said I was going to acquire more and I did. The rose color is to make this, and the hot pink and olive green are for this.

At the bottom, my first ever purchase of Cherry Tree Hill hand dyed sock yarn. Can't wait to try it out! In the meantime it joins the ever growing pile of Opal, Regia, and Lorna's Laces sock yarn.

And just for fun...

Berroco Quest Colors and berroco Sizzle. No plans for these but they seem to be telling me they want to be a scarf.

Spindle of the Day

I love the color of this spindle. The first time I saw Yellowheart I thought it looked fakey and dyed, now I love all the beautifully and naturally colored heartwoods. Unfortunately, soon after I bought this spindle I dropped it on it's hook. The hook survived but is loose and pulls out of the shaft. My attempts to reglue it have all failed so this spindle just sits around and looks pretty. :( :(

Maker: Greensleeves Spindles
Model: Queen's Sceptre - Catharine Parr
Wood: Osage Orange and Canarywood whorl on Canarywood shaft
Weight: 1.4 oz
Purchased from: Bountiful

Anne at 3:40 PM        

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on the needles
30. Fletcher
Noro Transitions

29. Rosedale
Patons SWS

28. Forecast
Cascade Quatro

27. Lady Eleanor (again)
Patons SWS

26. Marble Shawl Collar Sweater
Karabella Marble

25. Serrano
Dale Baby Ull

24. Tamarah
Artyarns Regal Silk, Silk Mohair

23. Apricot(Plum) Jacket
DB Cashmerino Chunky

22. Rusted Root
BS Cotton Fleece

21. Not So Shrunken Cardigan
Lavold Sily Wool

20. Sizzle
Nashua Kim

19. Hanging Garden Stole
KP Alpaca Cloud

18. Log Cabin Blanket
Cascade Pima Tencel

17. Mystery Stole 2
Crazy Monkey Lace

16. Petticoat Sallops
Opal Petticoat

15. CeCe
Lambspun Silk

14. Hyrna Herborgar
Silk for Life

13. Sea Foam Shawl
LaLana Phat Silk

12. Diamond Fantasy Shawl
CTH Possum Lace

11. Evergreen Cardi

10. Mystery Shawl 3

9. Jaywalkers
LL Shepherd Sock

8. Pi @ Sunrise Shawl
Crazy Monkey Lace

7. Follow the Leader Aran
BS Naturespun Worsted

6. Peacock Feathers lace

5. Kiri Shawl
Rowan Kidsilk Haze

4. Sampler Shawl
Starmore Campion

3. Highland Triangle Shawl
America's Alpaca

2. Leaf Lace Shawl
Misti Alpaca Lace

1. Total Maze Cardigan
Araucania Nature Wool


finished in 2006
1/21 - Shadow of Love Socks
1/31 - Pineapple Jacket
2/5 - Smokin' Blueberry Socks
2/7 - Angora Fingerless Mitts
3/9 - Neopolitan Socks
3/18 - Summer Scallop Socks
3/30 - Spectrum: Red & Pink
4/2 - Felted Clogs
4/15 - Violets by the River
5/3 - Felted Hedgehog
5/6 - Felted B-4 Bag
6/15 - Pomatomus Socks
7/1 - Snapdragon Socks
9/11 - Simple Knitted Bodice
9/13 - White,Biscuit,Cream Shawl
9/14 - Something Lilac
10/4 - Cabbage Rose Socks
10/29 - Neck Warmer
11/15 - Lady Eleanor


finished in 2005
1/21 - Seascape Shawl
2/12 - Wool Peddler's Shawl
3/21 - Fir Cone Square Shawl
3/25 - Misty Garden Scarf
4/7 - Obi
4/30 - Truly Tasha's Shawl
5/19 - Ivy
6/19 - Tasha II Shawl
7/13 - Cherry Blossom Shawl
7/26 - Mom's Birthday Shawl
8/9 - Birch Shawl
8/28 - Mystery Shawl
10/4 - Herbal Remedy
10/5 - Rosy Fingered Dawn
11/18 - Mystery Shawl 2
12/6 - Ostrich Plumes Triangle
12/26 - In The Dark Socks
12/29 - Red, Red, RED! Scarf


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